Sunday, February 17, 2008

NanoCal water treatment system

NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter is a revolutionary product from Gano Excel that employs a 7-filter system to provide you with clean alkaline drinking water without the need to boil the water. The alkalinity in NanoCal's water is a result of the latest filter technology employed by Gano Excel which adds more alkaline minerals into your drinking water. With NanoCal, boiling is no longer necessary thus saving you time and money!

Read on to find out more about NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter and how alkaline water can benefit you.

Why Do We Need A Water Filter?

Malaysians in general have been a health concious lot especially with more awareness programmes held by the Ministry of Health and wider media coverage on health topics. An increasing number of Malaysians are also becoming more particular about their drinking water and many have taken precaution steps by installing water filters at home. So why do we actually need a water filter at home?

Fact 1: Water Pollution

  • Water polution causes poor water quality. This is due to industrial wastes such as hazardous chemicals, organic and inorganic materials, bacteria and viruses. Poor water quality may harm our body if consumed over a long term period. Even though our drinking water has been treated, pollutants may be introduced along the pathway to our homes such as in the water pipes and water tanks. Even boiling water does not kill all bacteria and viruses and all it takes is one disease-carrying organism to contaminate the water to cause harm to you and your family.

Fact 2: Water Treatment

  • The water supplied to our residential areas mostly come from recycled water. As our country develops, fresh water supply becomes more scarce that our drinking water has to be recycled at water treatment plants. Although these treatment plants are supposed to be safe, extensive use of chlorine and other disinfectants is needed to treat the water. Because these treatment plants are maintained by humans, errors can happen and is the reason why sometimes excessive chlorine may be detected in our water supply. In the event that a contaminant fails to be neutralised at the treatment plant, your water filter can at least reduce or completely remove the contaminant from your drinking water thus providing added protection.


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